Event begins at 2pm and ends at 10pm both days


Alameda "P-Town Pils" • Base Camp "Hop in the Pool Helles" • Breakside "Pilsner" • Buckman Botanical "Wild Rice Pils" • Burnside "Couch Select Lager" • Caldera "Pilsner" • Cascade Lakes "Paulina Lake Pilsner" • Commons "Vienna Lager" • Deschutes "Mean Stick Maibock" • Ecliptic "Stica Hefepils" • Elysian "Zephyrus" • Epic "Hop Syndrome" • Everybody's "Local Logger" • Firestone Walker "Pivo Pils" • Fort George "1811" • Full Sail "Session Black Lager" • Hop Valley "Czech Your Head" • Laurelwood "Portlandia Pils" • Lompoc "Fechterbrau Pilsner" • Montucky Cold Snacks "Montucky Cans" • Ninkasi "Lux Helles Lager" • Oskar Blues "Mama's Pilsner" • Portland Brewing "Zig Zag Lager" • Pyramid "Pyramid IPL" • Rogue "Dirtoir Black Lager" • Silver Moon"San Diego Sunshine" • Uinta "Baba Black Lager" • Walking Man "Flip Flop Pils"


10 Barrel "Dark Lager" • Anchor "California Lager" • Ballast Point "Fathom IPL" • Bear Republic "Double Aught Bohemian Pilsner" • Coalition "Zero Hour" • Crux Fermentation Project "Marzen" • Double Mountain "Little Red Pilsner" • Falling Sky "Pueblo" • Georgetown "Roger's Pilsner" • Gigantic "India Pale Lager" • Green Flash "East Village Pilsner" • Heater Allen "Coastal Lager" • Hopworks Urban Brewery "Totally Radler" • Lagunitas "Night Pils" • Maui Brewing "Pau Hana Pilsner" • Moylans "Hell Export Lager" • Natian "Destination Organic Honey Lager" • Oakshire "Uhmerikuh Lager" • Occidental "Helles Lager" • Old Town Brewing "Frak! Schawzbier" • Orlison "Pilsner 37" • Pelican "El Pelicano" • Pike Brewing "Derby Lager" • Plank Town "Contemplator Doppelbock" • Rusty Truck "Low Rider Lager" • Santiam Brewing "Intruder Bohemian Pilsner" • Seven Brides "Rose's Imperial Pilsner" • Sierra Nevada "Foam" • Speakeasy "Metropolis Lager" • Terminal Gravity "Wallowa Lake Lager" • Two Kilts "German Pilsner" • Upright Brewing "Engelberg Pils" • Widmer "Ray's Amber Lager" • Worthy "India Red Lager"

List of Brewers

We would love to thank all of our participating brewers. Please support them by visiting their websites and drinking their beers! Note: this list is subject to change at any time, check back frequently for additions!


We are so stoked to have you as part of our second annual Lagerfest! Over 50 specialty lagers poured cold for two days at White Owl Social Club in Portland Oregon. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local non-profits Pixie Project and XRAY.fm

Please read the infomation below thoroughly. Remember, volunteers represent Lagerfest to hoards of beer nerds. If the thought of remaining sober during your shifts bums you out, volunteering may not be for you. If getting a stack of awesome stuff, and free entry to whatever day you don’t volunteer seems cool, then keep reading. We need dedication here, people. Do it for beer, puppies and kittens, and rock n’ roll!


Location & Dates

Lagerfest will be held on the outdoor patio of White Owl Social Club (1305 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214) on Saturday, July 19th and Sunday, July 20th. Festival hours are 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM.


All volunteers must be at least 21 years of age to volunteer. Photo IDs will be checked upon arrival.

Your Lagerfest t-shirt is your uniform. You must wear it at all times when you are working. You will receive this t-shirt when you check in for your shift.

You will need to check in at least 15 minutes prior to your shift start time.

We are seriously counting on you. You’re a part of Lagerfest; part of the team. If you do not show up for your shift the day of, you will be ineligible to pour for the next year’s festival. We’re serious about this.

Whatever responsibility you are given, do it with pride! Help out the elderly, wipe a counter, bus a cup, smile at the people. You are winning hearts here. Shift descriptions below.

What You Get for Being Part of the Lagerfest Crew

If you commit, show up, and kill it at one shift:
  • One Lagerfest trucker hat of choice
  • One Lagerfest t-shirt of choice
  • One Lagerfest letterpress coaster
  • Special deal on wristbands: buy one $5 wristband, get one free
If you commit, show up, and kill it at two shifts on the same day:
  • One Lagerfest trucker hat of choice
  • One Lagerfest t-shirt of choice
  • One Lagerfest letterpress coaster
  • Two White Owl Social Club Wooden Nickels, each good for $6 at the bar, no expiration


Entry Gates:

you will greet with a smile, get folks their cup, wristband, and take a minute to tell them about how rad their day is about to get. Volunteer Check In/Water/Info: you will greet volunteers, verify volunteers are at least 21, distribute bags of loot, wristbands and tasting glasses, give volunteer assignment details, and store volunteer personal items.

Beer Pouring:

you are responsible for greeting folks at the bar, pouring 3 oz of beer per tasting (this is important, we will ask you to leave if you are not following this rule), having a general knowledge of the beer you are pouring (i.e. light, dark, wheat, etc.), remaining sober throughout your shift.


you are responsible for moving whatever to whomever needs it. This job requires some serious stamina and the ability to lift over 50 lbs.


you are responsible for keeping things looking tight out there.


you are responsible for getting the festival site prepared which will include moving/setting up tables and fences, carrying cases of beer, moving equipment, and many other fun duties. This job requires muscle and a willingness to be bossed around. The good news is you’re finished working before the festival starts!


Wherever Needed: just like it sounds. Some people won’t show up or we may realize we need more people somewhere.